The Modern Gaulish Language
The revival of the Gaulish language: Galáthach hAthevíu


1. A discussion group on, for and in the modern Gaulish language:

2. A comprehensive English-Modern Gaulish-English dictionary:

3. A series of step-by-step lessons in several languages, including English, Portuguese, French, German and Italian:

4. A memrise course:

5. a) A collection of translations of poetry and prose in modern and in old Gaulish:áthach-hAthevíu-Poetry/dp/1511644265

b) a collection of original poetry, songs and stories in the modern Gaulish language:

6. A collection of soundfiles, including songs, in  modern Gaulish:

7. A collection of essays on aspects of Gaulish language and culture:

8. A translation of Asterix The Gaul in modern Gaulish:

9. A translation of Agrippa, a manga about Vercingetorix:

Welcome to the homepage of Galáthach hAthevíu, the modern Gaulish language.

The Gaulish language is a Celtic language that was spoken by the inhabitants of Gaul, roughly the area of Western Europe between the Rhine, the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean. It lost ground to Latin after the invasion and conquest of Gaul by the Roman Empire, and became extinct sometime in the middle ages. It is closely related to Brittonic and its modern descendants Welsh, Cornish and Breton, and more distantly to Goidelic and its modern forms Irish, Gaelic and Manx.

The language has been revived and adapted for use in the modern age, using attested sound and grammar changes as well as evolutionary processes observable in the cousin languages. It is now being used as a vehicle for cultural expression and as a means of communication by a small but growing group of people. It is free and available for use by anyone with an interest in Gaulish and broader Celtic history, culture and language.

esi galataca atebia tengua sena indias brogias galatacias auuot inte nouion ris  indou cantaiou uoconti cintos
Esi Galáthach hAthevíu tengu sen in brói Galáthach, ávóthu in nhói ri 'n aiu’chan gwochon cin.
“Modern Gaulish is the old language of the Gaulish country, made anew for the  twentyfirst century”.