The Modern Gaulish Language
The revival of the Gaulish language: Galáthach hAthevíu


1. A discussion group on, for and in the modern Gaulish language:

2. A comprehensive English-Modern Gaulish-English dictionary:

3. A series of step-by-step lessons in several languages, including English, Portuguese, French, German and Italian:

4. A memrise course:

5. a) A collection of translations of poetry and prose in modern and in old Gaulish:áthach-hAthevíu-Poetry/dp/1511644265

b) a collection of original poetry, songs and stories in the modern Gaulish language:

6. A collection of soundfiles, including songs, in  modern Gaulish:

7. A collection of essays on aspects of Gaulish language and culture:

8. A translation of Asterix The Gaul in modern Gaulish:

9. A translation of Agrippa, a manga about Vercingetorix:

This page will list publications in, for and about the modern Gaulish language, as they become available.

To date two volumes are publishedwhich feature Galáthach. The first one, Anthologia Gallica, published in 2015, gathers together in one volume two versions of the Gaulish language, one ancient and one modern, used by two different authors. They join forces in translations of a wide variety of material, ranging from poetry to historical texts.

The second volume, Cnus'vláthu Galáthach, contains mostly original compositions in Galáthach only by nine different authors and author partnerships. Published in early 2017, it contains original poetry, songs, and stories in the modern language, alongside of a number of translations of modern and ancient material.

Both volumes are published by Amazon and are available at the sites the urls of which can be found in the left hand side section of this site, under # 5.